Tuesday, 8 October 2013

Scenes in Its My Cell Phone

Lead actor [ Linda ]  listening to the director
director  gets prepared for  controversial scene of story
Pro face [ Linda ]  the antagonist [ Sammy ]  , she is yet  to start her journey in Its  My Cell Phone   Movie .
behind the scenes [ actor  cheer up crew member ]
Director starting day 2 for shooting

actors[ Linda and Sammy ]  in rehearsal for fight scene 
shooting on Kampala main street .

Actor Herbert  Montez  Kafrika  cheer  up Julian  Nabunya  in the middle of the shoot  .

  Actor  Faridah  Ridah  get    gets into character as we progress in fight scene

1 st day of shooting  at the national Threatre  back yard 

sound   mixer  Shantos Ssekito  merges  with in the camp for Its My Cell Phone
emerging actors  Angella Nakiranda and Sharon  Kiconco  watching  over  a scene  as we  develop it  .
Actor  Faridah rRidah   in middle of scene 
Ugandan local food  . cuisine  powered  with goat's meat  . 
shooting on Kampala city street  ,
Director    developing a scene 
Julian Nabunya cheering up crew
beginning  a day  on day one 
Julian Poses  for picture with Herbert in on set photo shoot
Editor  Ronny  Mugerwa   cheer up  actor  Natty Yatty and Sharon Kiconco
Having fan on set , Faridah  chat  with Sharon  
 Julian  with her  crew , National Threatre car park Yard 
Actor  Peter  Lwanga  Manyaja    struggles  to ride a bike on Kampala street  .